The Ethical Innovator is an online magazine destined to ethical entrepreneurs, professionals, artists, communicators, philanthropists, activists and anyone interested in the development of new methods and concepts that can make the world a better place. We tell the stories of people who turned their ideas into actions, and did so fuelled by their purpose. These ethical innovators identified problems and sought solutions. With creativity, an entrepreneurial spirit and a drive to change things, they could make (and are still making) their notions turn into reality.   

Even though ethical innovators know that smart, genuine work pays off, revenue is not their number one priority: ethical responsibility comes first. No sentient living being shall be harmed or exploited in any step along the way, and nor shall our planet. The means, as well as the end, must be positive.

We share these stories to inspire and allow discussion, conversation and divulgation regarding the growing progresses being made in our world, as well as encourage them.  We hope you love it as much as we do!

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